A new tutorial explaining how to use expression web whilst building a template using tables. The techniques used are the same as <div> based web sites.
I am slowly adding to the range of expression web templates that are available to download these templates are all just £1.50
We have set up a shopping cart using expression web and xml. Products available include: expression web templates (£1.50) and expression web tutorials (£5.00)

expression web help

Find the expression web help you need. We have tutorials and templates, menus and forms and can even offer hosting suggestions. We have some low cost downloads, which in fact i just give out to anybody who wants them, just ask. However if you wish to make a donation, then by all means purchase something from this site - thanks.

Expression web shopping cart

I have now finalized the shopping cart expression web that i have been tinkering with on and off for some time. The possibilities are huge.

Expression web is a very versatile program. Our ultimate aim should be to produce web sites that attract the visitors attention, are engaging, easy to create and update. The bigger your web site gets, the more important it is to get your planning correct from the outset. This is particularly true when it comes to data driven web sites. As the old saying goes "If you fail to plan - You plan to fail" was planned built and deployed using expression web. It took over 5 months to complete. However because each stage was planned and tested before implementation,  we have now managed to stream line the build process considerably. Planning has allowed me to build a site 4 times the size in just 3 days! This financial directory web site is a good example of a fast track build - achievable only by planning. But even then a web site is seldom complete. A successful web site needs constant maintenance, so if you invest your time planning, you will have more time to invest in your future success.

This is an experimental playground, where I can try out my ideas. Push my boundaries and peel back the layers of expression web on my journey of discovery. All in all just for fun

Expression web tutorials

The tutorials found here act as a guide to set you on your way.


There are many excellent resources on the internet and I have been cataloguing them over the months. I have posted a few for now but will update them all soon.

Always work in progress

This is my sanctuary! I come and play here for fun and relaxation and as such, the site will always be work in progress.